Lumenok and Nockturnal are both popular brands of lighted nocks used in archery

Lighted nocks are designed to provide visibility of the arrow’s path during low-light conditions, making it easier for archers to track their shots. 

While both Lumenok and Nockturnal serve the same purpose, there are some differences between the two brands. 


Lumenok is known for its bright illumination and ease of use. 

Lumenok nocks are activated upon release of the arrow and turn off automatically after a certain period of time. They have a reputation for being reliable and durable. 

However, some users have reported that Lumenok nocks may require a friction-tight fit and can be more sensitive to fitment issues compared to other brands.

Lumenok Features

Lumenok offers several features that make it a popular choice among archers. Here are some key features of Lumenok lighted arrow nocks:

Enhanced Visibility: 

Lumenok’s primary feature is its ability to enhance the visibility of arrows during shooting. 

The light emitted by the Lumenok makes it easier for archers to track the trajectory of their arrows, especially in low-light conditions or when arrows are shot into dense foliage.


Lumenok nocks are activated upon release. The force and movement generated when the arrow is shot trigger the activation, causing the Lumenok to light up. 

This immediate activation ensures that the nock is visible throughout the arrow’s flight.

Bright Light: 

Lumenok is known for its bright light output. In comparison to other lighted nocks on the market, 

Lumenok is often praised for its brightness, which helps in quickly locating arrows and assessing shot placement.

Durable Construction: 

Lumenok is designed to withstand the forces and impacts experienced during shooting

The materials used in Lumenok’s construction, typically a combination of plastic and other lightweight materials, provide durability without compromising the arrow’s performance.

Battery Life: 

Lumenok utilizes replaceable batteries to power the light. While battery life can vary depending on usage and model, Lumenok is generally designed to provide long-lasting illumination, allowing for multiple shooting sessions before needing to replace the battery.


Lumenok offers a range of models and sizes to fit different arrow shaft diameters. 

Their compatibility options cover most commercially available arrows, ensuring that archers can find a suitable Lumenok for their specific arrow setup.

Easy On/Off Switch: 

Many Lumenok models feature an easy on/off switch, allowing archers to control the light as needed. This feature is especially useful for conserving battery life when the lighted nock is not required.


Lumenok offers various models, such as Lumenok Signature Nock, Lumenok X Lighted Arrow Nock, Lumenok S Lighted Arrow Nock, and Lumenok H Lighted Arrow Nock. 

Each model may have unique features and specifications to cater to different archery needs.

Here are the unique features and specifications of each Lumenok model mentioned:

Lumenok Signature Nock: 

The Lumenok Signature (SL1) lighted arrow nock is designed to fit carbon and aluminum shafts with a .245″ inner diameter. Each Lumenok comes equipped with a replaceable battery (Lumenok part # RB), allowing for easy battery replacement and protection against failure caused by hard impacts. 

With its shot placement recognition feature and ability to illuminate, the Lumenok Signature not only enhances arrow visibility but also assists in arrow retrieval. Its easily replaceable battery ensures that the lighted arrow nock is always ready for action.

Lumenok X Lighted Arrow Nock: 

The Lumenok X lighted arrow nock is a game-changer for archers, as it offers enhanced visibility and tracking capabilities. Activated upon the shot, this innovative arrow nock allows archers to easily follow the path of their arrow, even from great distances. 

With up to 40 hours of illumination, the Lumenok X ensures that archers can track their arrows with ease. What sets this model apart is its compatibility with the R nock from Black Eagle, guaranteeing a seamless fit and optimal performance. 

Equipped with a replaceable battery (Part No. RBS), the Lumenok X is a reliable and durable tool that takes archery to a whole new level. Say goodbye to lost arrows and hello to precision and confidence on the range or in the field. 

Lumenok H Lighted Arrow Nock: 

The Lumenok H Lighted Arrow Nock is a versatile and reliable tool for archers. 

It offers features like versatile shaft compatibility, optimal weight, replaceable battery, shot-activated illumination, long illumination duration, high visibility, no magnets required, and Bohning HE nock construction. 

These features enhance the archery experience by ensuring compatibility with different arrow shafts, maintaining arrow balance, providing easy battery replacement, illuminating upon the shot, offering long illumination duration, improving visibility, simplifying setup, and ensuring a secure connection.


Nockturnal is another popular brand of lighted nocks. 

Like Lumenok, Nockturnal nocks are activated upon release and turn off automatically.  Nockturnal is often praised for its quality control, with users reporting fewer instances of receiving defective products. 

Nockturnal nocks are generally considered to be easy to use and reliable.

Nockturnal Features

Here are some features of Nockturnal lighted nocks, as mentioned in the search results:

String-Activated Switch: 

Nockturnal lighted nocks feature a unique design with a string-activated switch embedded into the throat of the nock. 

When the arrow is released, the string’s force pushes down the switch, activating the nock.

Easy Installation: 

Nockturnal comes fully assembled, making it easy to install. Simply insert the nock into your arrow and start shooting.

Affordable Price: 

According to the search results, Nockturnal lighted nocks are mentioned as being on the more affordable side compared to other options.

Polymeric Battery Holder: 

The Nockturnal Lighted Signature Nock is mentioned to have a patented polymeric battery holder that protects against failures caused by hard impacts.

String Activation and On/Off Switch: 

The Nockturnal lighted nocks are reported to feature string activation, meaning they activate when the arrow is shot. Additionally, they may have an easy on/off switch for convenient control of the light.


Here are some Nockturnal lighted nock models:

Nockturnal Lighted Nocks Model-S: 

This model is available in green color and is designed for use with arrows. 

It features a bowstring-activated linear switch, a long-life lithium battery, and super bright LEDs for superior illumination.

Nockturnal Lighted X Nocks: 

This model is mentioned to have a bowstring-activated linear switch, foolproof operation in any condition, a long-life lithium battery, and super bright LEDs. The Nockturnal X models are said to fit slim arrows with half-outs or hidden inserts

Nockturnal Green Lighted S Nocks: 

This model is designed for use with arrows and is available in green color. It features a bowstring-activated linear switch, foolproof operation, a long-life lithium battery, and super bright LEDs.

Nockturnal Fit Universal Lighted Nocks: 

This model is mentioned to fit nearly every hunting arrow shaft on the market. It includes Nock Collar adapter sleeves that allow fitting on X-diameter arrow shafts as well as GT, S, and H arrow shafts. 

It features a clear polycarbonate body, an extremely bright LED light , and a patented piston-driven linear contact switch for activation. The Nockturnal Fit Universal Lighted Nocks have more than 20 hours of lithium battery life.

Nockturnal GT Lighted Nocks: 

This model is available in green color and comes in a pack of three. It features a bowstring-activated linear switch, a long-life lithium battery, and is designed for use with arrows.

Nockturnal Vs Lumenok

Nockturnal Vs Lumenok

Why Nockturnal Is Better

Here are some potential reasons why someone might consider Nockturnal illuminated nocks to be better than Lumenok, based on general characteristics and features. 

Availability of Sizes: 

Nockturnal offers a variety of nock sizes to fit different arrow diameters, which can be advantageous for archers using a wide range of arrow types. Having the right size ensures a secure fit and proper functionality.

Color Variety: 

Nockturnal provides multiple color options for their illuminated nocks, allowing archers to choose the color that best suits their visibility needs or personal preferences.

Waterproof Models: 

Some Nockturnal models are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant, making them suitable for use in wet weather conditions, which can be crucial for outdoor hunting or shooting.

User-Friendly Activation: 

Nockturnal nocks are often praised for their straightforward activation methods, such as a button or switch. This user-friendly design can be appreciated by archers looking for simplicity and reliability.

Battery Life: 

Like Lumenok, Nockturnal generally offers a competitive battery life of approximately 20 to 40 hours, ensuring extended use before the need for battery replacement.

Why Lumenok Is Better 

Here are some reasons why someone might prefer Lumenok:


Lumenok is known for its durability and longevity. Some users have reported that Lumenok nocks last longer without needing battery replacements or experiencing malfunctions.

Consistent Quality: 

Lumenok has built a reputation for consistent quality and performance across its product line. This reliability can be important for archers who want to trust their equipment in critical situations.

Simple Activation: 

Like Nockturnal, Lumenok typically offers a user-friendly activation method, such as a button or switch, making it easy to turn on and off when needed.

Waterproof Models: 

Certain Lumenok models are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant, which can be advantageous for archers who frequently shoot in wet or rainy conditions.

Battery Life: 

Lumenok, like Nockturnal, generally offers competitive battery life, ensuring that the nocks can be used for an extended period before requiring battery replacement.

Positive Customer Reviews: 

Positive feedback from archers who have used Lumenok illuminated nocks can be a strong endorsement. R