The Carbon Express PileDriver 390 is a powerful crossbow known for its advertised speed of 390 feet per second, making it suitable for hunting big game. 

However, it has been associated with several common problems reported by users, including issues with limb durability, loose screws, challenges with the anti-dry fire safety mechanism, assembly difficulties, and concerns regarding the included scope’s quality. 

These problems have led to mixed user experiences and a need for careful consideration and potential upgrades when using this crossbow for hunting or target shooting.

Carbon Express PileDriver 390

The Carbon Express PileDriver 390 is a high-speed crossbow primarily used for hunting and target shooting. 

It boasts a velocity of 390 feet per second and a 185-pound draw weight, making it a powerful choice. The package often includes a scope and accessories, although some users opt for upgrades.


Here are the specifications of the Carbon Express PileDriver 390 crossbow:

  • Speed: 390 feet per second (fps)
  • Draw Weight: 185 pounds
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds
  • Width: 18.5 inches uncocked, 14.5 inches cocked
  • Power Stroke: 13.5 inches
  • Arrow Length: 20 inches

The crossbow typically comes with a package that includes a 4×32 scope, a quick detach quiver, three PileDriver arrows with practice points, and rail lubricant.


Here are some of the features of the Carbon Express PileDriver 390 crossbow:

  • Compact Design: The PileDriver 390 features a compact design that offers superior handling and performance.
  • Lightweight: The crossbow weighs approximately 7.2 pounds, making it relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Speed: The crossbow boasts a speed of 390 feet per second (fps), providing powerful and fast arrow shots.
  • Scope: The package typically includes a compact 4×32 scope for improved accuracy and aiming.
  • Anti-Dry-Fire Technology: Carbon Express crossbows are known to incorporate Anti-Dry-Fire technology, which helps prevent accidental firing without an arrow in place.
  • Adjustable Features: The Carbon Express Blade Pro model, which may share similar features with the PileDriver 390, includes an adjustable butt stock and adjustable foregrip, allowing for customization according to the shooter’s preferences.
  • Quiet Crank Compatibility: The PileDriver 390 is compatible with the revolutionary ambidextrous Quiet Crank, which provides silent cocking and reduces cocking effort by 90%.
  • Compact Reverse Limb Design: The PileDriver 390 utilizes a reverse limb design, which helps to reduce the overall length of the crossbow while still maintaining power and accuracy.
  • Picatinny Rail: The crossbow features a Picatinny rail system, which allows for easy attachment of accessories such as a bipod, flashlight, or laser sight.
  • String Suppressors: The PileDriver 390 is equipped with string suppressors, also known as string stops or dampeners, which help to reduce noise and vibration upon firing.
  • Adjustable Butt Pad: The crossbow typically includes an adjustable butt pad, allowing the shooter to customize the length of pull for a comfortable and personalized shooting experience.
  • R.E.D.S. Dampening System: Carbon Express crossbows often incorporate the R.E.D.S. (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) technology, which effectively absorbs and reduces vibration, contributing to a quieter and smoother shooting experience.
  • Anti-Dry-Fire Mechanism: The PileDriver 390 is equipped with an anti-dry-fire mechanism, which helps prevent accidental firing without an arrow in place, enhancing safety during handling and cocking.

Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Problems

It seems there are several problems and issues associated with the Carbon Express X-Force Piledriver 390 crossbow. Here’s a summary of the problems mentioned in the Amazon reviews:

Assembly Instructions: 

Many users found the assembly instructions to be unclear or incorrect, making it challenging to put the crossbow together properly.

Loose Screws: 

Several users reported that screws, including those for the rail, scope, and mount, tended to become loose quickly, affecting the crossbow’s performance.

String Silencer Issues: 

The string silencers on the crossbow came loose for some users after just a few shots, potentially affecting accuracy and noise levels.

Safety Concerns: 

There were reports of issues with the anti-dry fire safety mechanism, including it jamming with the bow cocked, which could pose safety risks.

Limb Cracking: 

Multiple users experienced limb cracking or limb failures, which can significantly impact the crossbow’s performance and safety.

Scope Quality: 

Users mentioned dissatisfaction with the quality of the included scope, indicating a preference for upgrading it.

Cocking Mechanism: 

Some users had problems with the cocking mechanism, including issues with the crank and rope cocker.

Missing Parts: 

A few users mentioned missing parts from the package, such as arrows or bolts.

Inaccurate Speed Claims: 

The advertised speed of 390 fps was not met by some users, even with the included bolts

Customer Service: 

Some users expressed frustration with the customer service experience when attempting to address issues or warranty claims.

Carbon Express PileDriver 390

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a FAQ about the Carbon Express X-Force Piledriver 390 crossbow features:

What is the draw weight of the Carbon Express X-Force Piledriver 390 crossbow?

The draw weight of this crossbow is 185 pounds.

What is the advertised speed of the X-Force Piledriver 390?

The advertised speed is typically 390 feet per second (fps), although real-world speeds may vary based on factors such as bolt weight.

Does the crossbow come with a scope?

Yes, the crossbow typically comes with a scope included in the package. However, some users have mentioned upgrading the scope for better performance.

How does the anti-dry fire safety mechanism work?

The anti-dry fire safety mechanism is designed to prevent the crossbow from firing without a bolt in place. It engages automatically when the bow is cocked, and you need to insert a bolt for it to disengage.

Is the crossbow suitable for hunting?

Yes, the Carbon Express X-Force Piledriver 390 is designed for hunting, particularly for big game like deer. It has the power and speed necessary for ethical and effective hunting.

Are there any common issues or concerns with this crossbow?

Yes, based on user reviews, common concerns include assembly difficulties, limb cracking, loose screws, and issues with the safety mechanism. It’s essential to read and follow the assembly instructions carefully.

Can I use this crossbow in a tree stand or ground blind for hunting?

Yes, you can use this crossbow in various hunting scenarios, including tree stands and ground blinds. However, consider the camo pattern and add additional camouflage if necessary for concealment.

Is the crossbow suitable for beginners, or is it more for experienced hunters?

While some beginners may find it manageable, this crossbow’s power and draw weight may be better suited for more experienced hunters who are comfortable with crossbow use.


Based on these reviews, it appears that the Carbon Express X-Force Piledriver 390 crossbow has various quality and reliability concerns, particularly related to assembly, safety mechanisms, and limb durability. Users also found issues with the included accessories, such as the scope.

If you’re considering purchasing this crossbow, it’s essential to be aware of these potential problems and conduct thorough research before making a decision. 

Additionally, you may want to explore alternative crossbow options with better reviews and reputations for quality and reliability.