The Mathews V3X vs VXR comparison should help you determine which bow best suits your needs!

If you want something with low let-off that delivers high performance at any range, the V3X would be perfect. 

For something less expensive with moderate let-off and a more forgiving shooting form, the VXR would work well for most people.

Mathews V3X vs VXR: Which one should you choose?

The V3X and VXR bows are Mathews’ entry-level models, with the V3X being slightly less expensive than the VXR. 

But how do these two models differ, and which one should you choose? This article will help you figure out which model is best for your situation and help you save some money along the way!

The Best Features of the Mathews VXR Bow

Boasting some of the latest technology and design, it’s no wonder why this product received so many positive reviews from archery experts worldwide. 

If you are on the market looking to purchase your own Mathews VXR bow, here are five features to keep in mind when deciding.

Self-centred Riser

The self-centred riser is one of the best features because it means that no matter where you place your arrow, there will be a perfect alignment. This also leads to better shooting accuracy and a smoother draw. 

However, some users may experience difficulty due to their height or length concerning their bow size. 

Radial Vanes

Mathews designs their bows to be able to handle any hunting situation. 

The Radial Vanes on the Mathews VXR bow are a great example of this ingenuity. They allow arrows to fly straight and with less wind resistance, which creates better accuracy and velocity. You can also change your vanes for warmer or colder weather conditions. When you get the VXR, it comes with three sets of vanes that you can quickly switch out when necessary!

Speed Spine Recurve

If you are looking for a bow that is easy to adjust, the Mathews VXR is a great option. 

It can be made fast or slow, depending on your preference. This is an excellent recurve bow for beginners who want to shoot a bow and arrow. The speed spine can also be adjusted on this model, making it suitable for experienced archers who want to take their game outdoors or even in competitions.

Tru Glo Sights

One of the most popular features of this bow is Tru Glo sights. These sights are illuminated and easy to use in low-light settings or when it gets dark quickly. 

The sight pins are also adjustable, so you can set them up just how you like them. It’s even possible to adjust the weight, draw length, and draw weight without any tools, thanks to a simple twist of a knob. 

For hunters looking for more stability out in the field, this is one of those bows that comes with a stabilizer built right into it. With six inches of space for adjustments for elevation, this helps stabilize shots from high ground and low environments without needing an additional attachment.

Split Limb System

Featuring a split limb system, this bow is designed to produce arrow speeds up to 343 fps. This is due partly to a new riser design that increases stiffness and decreases vibration. 

The split limb system also makes for a more straightforward takedown process and allows faster adjustments when tuning your bow

The Mathews V3X Bow: Different Characteristics

Here are some key features of this bow:

The Adjustability

The adjustability of the Mathews V3X gives you a lot of options in terms of customizing your bow and getting it to feel just right. 

The draw length can be adjusted up or down by 27 to 31.5 inches, and three different let-off settings range from 80% to 85%. Plus, since this is a hybrid bow, you have three other cams that give you more options for drawing weight. 

If you’re looking for an easy adjustment for different situations and styles of hunting, then look no further than the Mathews V3X.

The Durability 

When it comes to bows, there’s nothing worse than breaking your weapon before the season starts! 

But with the Mathews V3X, that won’t be a problem. It was designed with heavy-duty limbs and strict string guards to ensure that it didn’t happen. And if anything goes wrong, the warranty means you don’t need to worry about buying another one! 

The Accuracy

Accuracy is probably an essential feature of any bow, especially if you’re after a trophy buck. And luckily for hunters who buy this bow, it has perfect accuracy and won’t leave their arrow out too far. 

If you shoot this bow at 30 yards, it will only veer off by 1 inch! That means every shot counts, and you’ll never have to deal with lost arrows again. 

Simple Cam System

One of the most popular features of this bow is that it has a simple cam system, making it easier for beginners and more advanced archers. 

Although there are other bows with simpler cam systems, this one is adjustable so that you can customize your draw length. It also has an easy-to-reach string stop. Not only does this make it easier to shoot arrows in quick succession, but it helps avoid hand fatigue. 


This is one of the most noticeable differences between the V3X and other bows on the market. The Mathews has a longer axle-to-axle measurement, which helps with stability. Not only does this make it easier for you to shoot, but it also helps with accuracy and consistency.

Mathews V3X vs VXR Which one should you choose

Specs Comparison Table 

Specs V3XVXR
Brace Height 6.5”6”
IBO Speed Up to 336 FpsUp to 343 Fps
Draw Weight 60, 65, 70 & 7560, 65, 70 & 75 Lbs 
Draw Lengths 27” to 31.5”26.5” to 31”
Let-Off80 or 85 %80 or 85 %
Physical Weight 4.67 Lbs4.66 lbs
CAMCROSSCENTRIC W/ SWITCHWEIGHT TECHNOLOGYCrosscentric with Switchweight Technology

Mathews VXR and V3X: The similarities

  • Both models have a similar draw weight (60-76 pounds), which is perfect for most shooters. 
  • If you’re shooting from ground level or in a treestand, then either bow will work well, as both are equipped with an anti-vibration system. 
  • Both bows provide comparable performance when hunting within 50 yards of your target, but when hunting at distances greater than 50 yards away, the V3X’s rangefinder optimizer gives you more control over your arrows’ flight path—making it easier to shoot accurately. 

The Differences

  • The critical difference between the two models, which is also a deciding factor, comes down to price. The V3X will set you back about $1,000, while the VXR will cost around $2,500.
  • The V3X has a slightly shorter axel-to-axel measurement, making it a better choice if you have less than average arm length. However, if you need the extra reach that comes with the longer axel-to-axel measurement of the VXR, then it would be best to opt for that model instead.