The Mathews VXR 28 has been one of the most popular bows on the market for years, so it’s no wonder that many archers are asking whether or not it’s a good bow.

With everything from its sleek, lightweight design to its affordable price point, this bow has something to offer any archer interested in trying their hand at hunting and bow fishing. In this article, you will read about the specs and a detailed review of Mathews VXR 28.

Mathews vxr 28 specs & Review: Is it a good bow?

Specs List

Brace Height          6 “
Axle to Axle Length          28 “
Draw Length         25.5”-30”
Draw Weight          50 lbs- 75 lbs
IBO Speed          344 fps 
Weight           4.44 lbs
Let-Off          80-85%

Parts of a Mathews VXR 28 Bow and Their Functions

Let’s take an in-depth look at the crucial parts of Mathews VXR 28 bow and their functions. 

The Riser

The Mathews vxr 28 bow’s central component is a riser, typically made from wood or aluminum. It is where the arrow nock rests or rides on. 

The riser also includes the stabilizer hole (which allows you to attach your stabilizer), the sight window, and maximum grip. As you look at the backside of your bow, it will be visible just above the grip. 

The Limbs

The Mathews vxr 28’s limb on the top of the bow is called the top limb, and the bottom limb is on the bottom. 

The limbs are made from layered wood, with layers soaked in glue to increase their strength. Several types of laminated wood can be used: maple, walnut, osage orange, and hickory. These different types of wood offer various benefits like durability and adjustability. 

These limbs provide extra stability when pulling back on them during shooting and act as an arrow rest.


The grip is the only part of the bow that is in contact with your hand, so it is essential to find one you are comfortable with. Some grips have ridges or textured surfaces to improve control, while others have an ergonomic design or rubber coatings for improved comfort. 

Grips also vary in shape and size, affecting your finger position and overall comfort level. 

The Cable Guard

A Cable Guard is an integral part of the Mathews VXR 28 bow that helps protect the cables from damage. 

The guard can be easily removed for maintenance or if cables need to be replaced. Next, there are two Cable Guards on each side of the bow. 

Cables going through these guards are under tremendous tension, and it is necessary to have guards in place to protect them. 

Braces, Quiver and Rest

  • The Braces are the part that holds the bowstring in place.
  • The Quiver is where you put arrows when you are shooting your bow.
  • The Rest stabilizes your bow so it doesn’t wiggle while you shoot. 
  • Arrow: Arrows can be different sizes depending on what type of game animal they will be used for or what weight they need.

Pros of the Mathews VXR 28 Bow

The bow is easily adjustable

The Mathews VXR is a very adjustable bow with three different draw lengths and two different draw weights. 

This means you can find the perfect fit for your body type and strength to ensure accuracy and power. The adjustments are accessible, so even beginners can enjoy shooting this bow. It also has an ambidextrous design, which makes it easier for left-handed shooters to use. 

Lightweight design

The Mathews VXR 28 bow is lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use. This is a massive pro for those who want to take their bow with them on hikes or when they are camping. 

Its lightweight design also makes this bow easier to hold steady while you shoot your arrows. 

Smooth draw cycle

A smooth draw cycle is one of the most important aspects of a bow. It will separate you from your target, so it must be considered when shopping for a new bow. 

The Mathews VXR has an exceptional draw cycle, with a light and easy let-off and a peak weight of only 6 pounds. The cams on this model are said to be incredibly smooth, which leads to a much more comfortable shooting experience. 

For those who want the best possible archery experience, this is undoubtedly one of the top models available today.

Durable construction

The Mathews VXR is made of a durable composite material that is both lightweight and strong. It is built to withstand the toughest of hunting conditions, so you won’t have to worry about your equipment breaking down while pursuing your prey.

Also, stabilizers are not needed because the design is perfectly balanced. The best part? You don’t have to add any accessories for this bow because it comes with everything included!

Cons of the Mathews VXR 28 Bow

Not Adjustable

The biggest con of the Mathews VXR is that it does not have an adjustable draw length. 

This means that you need to buy a bow for someone else if you are looking for a different size than what comes on this model. It also does not come with sights, which makes it difficult to aim and shoot accurately from a distance. 

Low Brace Height

Another significant downside to this bow is that it has a relatively low brace height. This means that your upper body will have to do more work than usual to maintain stability and shoot steady. 

This compound bow lacks adjustability with draw length. Most other bows on the market allow you to adjust your draw length, but with this model, you are stuck with whatever length you purchase.

Heavy Draw Weight

One of the biggest cons of this bow is its draw weight. It has a maximum draw weight higher than many other bows on the market. 

While this might not be an issue for some hunters, it can be too much for others and should be noted when looking at this model. The Mathews vxr 28 also has a very stiff draw cycle which some may find uncomfortable to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is a Mathews VXR 28?

When it comes to the speed of your bow, there are two numbers that matter. The first is how many feet per second (fps) your bow can shoot an arrow, and the second is how fast you have to draw your arrow back. 

A Mathews VXR 28 bow shoots at about 344 fps with a 25.5 to 30-inch draw length.

How accurate is the Mathews VXR 28?

The new Mathews VXR 28 is accurate to within ½ per 100 yards when sighted at 100 yards. This translates to an accuracy range of +/- .5 at 200 yards and +/- .25 at 300 yards.

What year is the Mathews VXR 28?

The Mathews vxr 28 compound bow was released in 2020.

How much let-off does a Mathews vxr have?

Depending on the draw length, a Mathews vxr can have 80% to 85%  of let-off. 

Mathews vxr 28 specs & Review Is it a good bow

Final Thoughts

The Mathews VXR 28 bow is an excellent choice for hunting, 3D shooting, or general target shooting. It’s light enough to carry all day in the field and powerful enough to take down any game you’re likely to see in North America. 

Plus, it’s incredibly accurate at ranges up to 40 yards. In short, with some opposing sides, the Mathews vxr 28 compound bow is an excellent choice for you.