The Mathews Creed xs bow is one of the most popular bows on the market and has been out since 2012. The XS stands for Xtra Small, but it isn’t the size that makes this bow unique. It’s the price!

Most people consider this bow the most petite and affordable high-performance one you can find today. This review will discuss some of this great bow’s key features and specs and explain why many archers choose the Mathews Creed xs bow over other models available today.

Mathews Creed XS Specs & Review: Is It A Good Bow?

Mathews Creed XS: Features

Follow are some key features of Mathews creed xs bow:

  • The limb risers are made of synthetic material and not rubber. This offers more durability, but it also means that they do not provide as much grip as rubber. 
  • The grip is made of neoprene and is comfortable to hold. It has a built-in clicker on end, which makes it easy to release your arrow. 
  • The handle is cork, which helps shock absorption when shooting arrows or using heavy draw weights.
  •  The handle also has an arrow rest for better accuracy when shooting long distances.
  • The bowstring of the Mathews Creed XS is made of synthetic material. The cable system is made of machined aluminum and titanium.

Mathews Creed Xs Bow: Specs

The Mathews Creed XS is a compound bow that was released in 2014. It is known for its quietness, accuracy, and overall shooting performance. Here are some specifications of the Mathews Creed XS bow:

  • Letoff: 80%, adjustable down to 65%
  • Brace Height: 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Axle-To-Axle Length: 28 inches
  • Draw Length: 26 to 30 inches, half-inch increments
  • Draw Weight: 50 pounds to 70 pounds

These specifications contribute to the bow’s maneuverability, making it suitable for hunting and target shooting. The Creed XS has been praised for its smooth draw cycle and minimal shock and vibration at the shot. It is also known for its durability, as some users have reported shooting thousands of arrows with the same string and cable set.

Mathews Creed XS Bow: Pros

Here are some pros of this bow:

Lightweight and Small

Due to its size and weight, this bow is perfect for beginners or those looking for a lighter model. It weighs only 3.85 lbs, with a draw weight of 50-70 lbs. This makes it great for kids and adults who are just starting or want something lightweight to carry around on their hunts. 

The lightness also helps during long hunting trips where you’ll carry your equipment across rugged terrain, so you don’t get tired before reaching your destination. 

Extremely Fast

This bow is extremely fast, shooting arrows at 328 feet per second. Its 30-inch axel-to-axel length is perfect for hunting and target shooting. 

The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around in the field. It also features an innovative cam system that reduces noise by 10% more than other bows. It also has a safety catch that automatically engages when you release the arrow, which reduces the risk of accidental firing.

Modern Design

The Mathews Creed XS has a modern design that feels sleek and reliable. The handle is ergonomic, making it comfortable to shoot for long periods. 

The bow comprises a hybrid cam system with a draw weight range from 50-70 pounds, so there is a model for any shooter. From hunting to target shooting, this bow will do what you need. It’s an excellent beginner or intermediate bow, but more experienced shooters can also use it.

It features Mathews Harmonic Dampening System and optional String Suppressors for those who want to make even more noise reductions on their release.

Affordable Price

Mathews is one of the most popular bow manufacturers in America. With a wide range of bows to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which bow is right for you. 

The Mathews Creed XS may be just what you’re looking for, with an affordable price and excellent performance.

Can Shoot Up to 300 fps

The bow has a draw weight range from 50 to 70 pounds, which is excellent for hunters with different strength levels. 

The bow shoots up to 300 fps and has a 6-inch brace height. It also has an IBO rating of 327 fps with a 50-70 lb draw weight. 

It shoots at 328 FPS with 50-70 lbs of draw weight for people who don’t know what this means. That is fast enough for any hunter. There are not many bows on the market that shoot as fast as this one does.

It Comes  in Plenty of Colors

One of the pros of this bow is that it comes in a variety of colors so that you can find one that will match your style. 

It also has a warranty, a lifetime service policy, and an instructional DVD. If you want to start archery as a sport or hobby, this would be an excellent option because it is not too expensive.

Mathews Creed XS Bow: Cons

Look at these four major cons of the Mathews Creed XS to find out.

Limited Draw Length

One of the major cons of this bow is that it has a limited draw length. The draw length is only between 26.5 to 29.5 inches. It will not be suitable for most people. This can be a disadvantage because you are more likely to experience fatigue in the arms, shoulders, and back. 

If your body cannot handle this long of a draw length, you may want to consider purchasing a different type of bow with a longer or shorter draw length. 

The shortened version does have an axle-to-axle measurement of only 30 inches, which is why many shooters prefer it over the 36-inch version, as well as other options on the market.

Lowest Draw Weight

Draw weight measures how much force you need to draw a bowstring back to release an arrow. The Mathews Creed XP has a draw weight of 50-70 pounds, considered lightweight by industry standards. 

The lowest draw weight for this model is 50 pounds, which can be too heavy for some shooters and make shooting difficult. It also does not come with sight as standard equipment. 

Slowest Let-off

This is the one thing that many people don’t think about when deciding to buy the Mathews Creed XS bow. 

The let-off on this bow is approximately 80%. This means that every pound you pull back will release only three-quarters of a pound. If you’re an avid hunter who likes to take shots from long distances, having such a slow let-off can be very difficult, especially if you’re not used to it

Not For Left Handed Shooters

One of the significant drawbacks of this bow is that it is not designed for left-handed shooters. This can be a problem for individuals drawn to the bow’s aesthetics but prefer to shoot with their opposite hand. 

The weight distribution of the bow does not lend itself well to using it traditionally, making it unusable for most southpaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was the Mathews Creed XS made?

The Mathews creed xs was made in 2013.

Is Mathews Creed XS a good bow?

The Mathews Creed XS is a great bow. It’s among the best on the market. The handle is comfortable, it has a smooth draw cycle, it’s lightweight, and it offers good accuracy. It’s also quite affordable for a bow of its quality. 

What’s the difference between Mathews Creed and Creed XS?

The main difference is that Matthews Creed bows come with an arrow rest and stabilizer, while Creed XS does not. If you want one of these accessories for your bow, then you will need to purchase it separately. 

How fast does the Mathews Creed XS shoot?

This bow shoots at the speed of 328 FPS.

Mathews Creed XS


It is safe to say that the Mathews Creed XS is one of the best all-around hunting bows ever made. It’s lightweight and maneuverable yet compelling. The Speed and accuracy are unmatched in any other model. If you are looking for a great hunting bow that will give you years of service, I would highly recommend this bow. 

With the technology constantly changing in archery equipment, better bows may come out next year or maybe next month. But right now, as far as I know, this is the pinnacle of archery engineering and design.