If you’re interested in the Bowtech SS34, you’re in for a treat. This review will provide an overview of this bow’s features, performance, and what you can expect when you hit the archery range.

Bowtech SS34 Bow

Firstly, let’s dive into the basics. The Bowtech SS34 is part of Bowtech’s 2023 lineup, and as the name suggests, it’s designed to be super smooth. This bow is proudly made in the USA by Bowtech, a brand known for delivering quality archery equipment.


Axle-to-Axle: 34″

Brace height: 6.75″

IBO Speed: 331 FPS

Mass Weight: 4.7 lbs

Cam System: DeadLock Cam System

Dexterity: Right Hand/Left Hand

Let-Off Options: 85 percent (performance mode) and 88 percent (Comfort mode)

Now, let’s talk about draw length and weight options. 

The SS34 offers a draw length range from 26 inches on the low end to 31.5 inches on the high end. This should accommodate most archers, except for those with exceptionally long draw lengths exceeding 31.5 inches. 

In terms of draw weight, you can choose from 50, 60, or 70 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of shooters. Unfortunately, there’s no 80-pound option if you’re looking for something that heavy.


Now, let’s dive into what makes the SS-34 truly exceptional. 

It all starts with the wide limbs and limb pocket, providing stability and power. The large cam plays a pivotal role in generating the bow’s impressive speed, clocking in at 331 feet per second. What’s even more impressive, however, is its steadiness at full draw.

Another notable feature of this bow is its redesigned cam and modules, offering versatility in draw length adjustments. You can adjust it without swapping out different base cams or modules, which makes tuning a breeze. 

The Rotating Module

Here’s where BowTech’s innovation shines through. The rotating module, a dual-sided gem they call a “flip disc,” allows you to choose between Comfort mode (88 percent let-off) and Performance mode (85 percent let-off). This adaptability means you can fine-tune the bow to your specific needs, whether it’s for spot and stalk hunting or tree stand setups.

Deadlock Cam System:

One of BowTech’s recent breakthroughs is the Deadlock Cam System, a binary cam design. This innovation simplifies tuning by eliminating the need for shims. 

Instead, a set screw and an Allen key let you make precise adjustments right on the spot during paper tuning. This ingenious system ensures your bow stays dialed in for optimal accuracy.

Deadlock Pocket:

To prevent any unwanted shifts, the Deadlock Pocket secures the limbs in place, ensuring consistent performance. 

Adjusting draw weight is a breeze with a lock screw and limb bolt system, giving you complete control.

Riser and Shelf:

The largely vertical riser design contributes to the bow’s stability, and it features two holes for mounting traditional or integrated-style arrow rests. 

This adaptability allows you to personalize your setup for different shooting scenarios.

Customizable Clutch Grip:

The BowTech clutch grip offers a comfortable angle, but if you prefer something different, it’s easily replaceable to suit your preferences.

Orbit Dampeners:

For those seeking the utmost in vibration control, BowTech includes threaded holes throughout the bow where you can install orbit dampeners. These provide an extra layer of customization to fine-tune your shooting experience.

Cable Roller and Safety Bracket:

The cable roller ensures a smooth draw cycle, and the safety bracket prevents cables from popping out, ensuring reliability during critical moments in the field.

Color Options

When it comes to color options, Bowtech offers a variety to suit your style, including solids like black, OD green, smoke gray, and Flat Dark Earth, as well as camo patterns like mossy oak DNA, sub Alpine Realtree Edge, aq u Verde 2.0, and kryptek altitude.


Price-wise, the SS34 is competitively priced at $1,199, aligning with flagship models from other manufacturers. Considering the quality and features it offers, it’s an excellent value for an archery enthusiast.


Now, let’s discuss performance. The SS34 delivers impressive speeds, even on the performance settings. With a 400-grain arrow, it reaches 301 feet per second, demonstrating its capability as a high-performing bow. Even with heavier arrows, the performance remains commendable.


From a noise perspective, this bow is exceptionally quiet, registering at only 94.9 decibels. This is a testament to its smoothness and precision.

Draw Cycle

In terms of draw cycle, the SS34 lives up to its “super smooth” reputation. It’s an excellent choice for those with shoulder issues or anyone who values a smooth draw. At full draw, the bow feels well-balanced, and the deadness in the hand is exactly what you’d expect from a Bowtech bow.

Bowtech SS34 Positive Reviews

Here are some positive reviews of the Bowtech SS34:

  • In the Archery Talk Forum, a user mentioned that the Bowtech SS34 has become one of their favorite bows of all time within just one week of owning it.
  • On the Rokslide Forum, a user praised the draw cycle, length, and brace height of the SS34, stating that it performs well with a 400-grain arrow.
  • A user on the Bowtech website mentioned that the SS34 was quick and easy to set up and tune, with a smooth draw and good speed. They also mentioned being able to shoot accurately at various distances with the same pin.
  • On the North Carolina Hunting and Fishing Forums, a user described the SS34 as a very comfortable shooting bow with a solid back wall and easy target acquisition.
  • Another positive review on eBay highlighted the SS34 as the smoothest bow the user had ever shot and praised its forgiveness, target stability, and performance.
  • Archery Country listed the SS34’s specifications, including an axle-to-axle length of 34 inches, an IBO speed of 331 FPS, and a draw length range of 26-31.5 inches.

These positive reviews indicate that the Bowtech SS34 is well-regarded for its smoothness, forgiveness, comfortable shooting experience, and overall performance.

Bowtech SS34 Problems

Based on the search results, there are some reported problems or issues with the Bowtech SS34. These include:

  • Serving separation issues on stock strings: Some users have reported problems with serving separation on the stock strings of the SS34.
  • Issue with the lower cam system: There have been reports of issues with the lower cam system, which have manifested as serving coming loose and other related problems.
  • Sharp edge on the cam: Users have mentioned that the edge of the cam where the cable rolls over is sharp, which they find questionable in terms of machining design.
  • Tendinitis problems: One user mentioned experiencing tendinitis problems in the bow arm elbow while shooting the SS34.

It’s important to note that these reported problems might not be representative of the overall performance or experience of all Bowtech SS34 users. It’s always a good idea to research further, consult multiple sources, and potentially test the bow yourself before making a purchasing decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions regarding the Bowtech SS34:

How smooth is the draw cycle of the SS34?

The Bowtech SS34 is described as having an incredibly smooth draw cycle. It features the optimized DeadLock cam system, specifically designed to provide a smooth draw with precision and locked-in accuracy.

What is the speed and accuracy of the bow?

The Bowtech SS34 has an IBO speed rating of 331 feet per second (FPS), indicating its capability to shoot arrows at high speeds. As for accuracy, the SS34 is known for its shot-to-shot accuracy due to its ultra-stable 34″ axle-to-axle length.

Is the SS34 forgiving and does it hold on target well?

Yes, the SS34 is considered forgiving and known to hold on target well. It provides a stable shooting platform, allowing for increased forgiveness and accuracy during the shot.

Can the draw length be adjusted easily?

The Bowtech SS34 offers an adjustable draw length range of 26″-31.5″. While specific details on the ease of adjustment are not mentioned in the search results, Bowtech bows typically have user-friendly adjustment systems for draw length modifications.

Bowtech SS34 Bow Problems


In conclusion, the BowTech SS-34 is a bow that combines power, precision, and adaptability. Its innovative features, such as the Deadlock Cam System and Rotating Module, set it apart in the world of hunting bows. 

With this bow, you have the flexibility to fine-tune your setup for various shooting scenarios. So, if you’re looking for a dependable companion for your next hunt or 3D competition, the SS-34 might just be the answer.