In reviewing the Axe 405 crossbow, numerous concerns and complications have arisen, painting a complex picture of this model. Users have reported problems from shipping to field use, including physical damages, scope issues, and limited arrow compatibility. Mechanical failures, such as crank arm mishaps and string breakage, have also affected the crossbow’s reliability. This exploration delves into each problem with precision, dissecting the intricacies of what has left users perplexed and disappointed with the Axe 405 crossbow.

Axe 405 Crossbow

The Axe 405 crossbow is a compact and powerful crossbow manufactured by Axe Crossbows. The Axe 405 crossbow is capable of launching arrows up to 405 feet per second (fps).

It offers a balanced center of mass, centered over the trigger and hand grip, for improved accuracy and control.

Here is some information about the Axe 405 crossbow:

Axe 405 Crossbow Specs

Here are the specifications of the Axe 405 crossbow:

  • Length: 27.75 inches (with foot peg closed)
  • Width: 9.938 inches axle-to-axle (cocked)
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds (without accessories or scope)
  • Draw Weight: 210 pounds
  • Power Stroke: 13 inches
  • Speed: 405 feet per second (fps)
  • It comes with an illuminated multi-range scope and a 3-arrow quiver.
  • The crossbow is designed to have 69% less felt recoil and 92% less sound resonance compared to comparable models.

Axe 405 Crossbow Features

Here are some of the features of the Axe 405 crossbow:

  • Compact Design: The Axe 405 crossbow is designed to be compact and maneuverable, making it easier to handle in various hunting or shooting scenarios.
  • Shoot-Through Riser: The crossbow features a shoot-through riser design, which allows the arrow to pass through the riser for improved accuracy and performance.
  • Zero Creep Trigger: The Axe 405 is equipped with a 3.7-pound zero creep trigger, providing a smooth and consistent trigger pull for enhanced accuracy.
  • Adjustable Butt Stock and Cheek Piece: The crossbow offers an adjustable butt stock and cheek piece, allowing shooters to customize the fit and comfort of the crossbow.
  • Multi-Range Reticle Scope: It comes with a multi-range reticle scope that offers markings for different distances, helping shooters accurately aim at targets at varying ranges.
  • Integrated Crank with Cock/De-Cock Feature: The Axe 405 crossbow includes an integrated crank system that allows for easy cocking and de-cocking of the crossbow without the need for a separate cocking device.
  • High Speed: The Axe 405 crossbow is capable of shooting arrows at speeds up to 405 feet per second (fps), providing excellent performance for hunting or target shooting.

Axe 405 Crossbow Problems

Here is the list of issues that suggest that there are various quality and functionality concerns with the Axe 405 crossbow, ranging from shipping and physical damage to performance and compatibility problems. 

It’s essential for potential buyers to be aware of these issues when considering this crossbow for purchase.

Shipping Issues:

The crossbow arrived with blemishes: When the crossbow arrived, it had visible imperfections or marks on its surface, which can be disappointing for a new purchase.

Shipping delay: The delivery of the crossbow was delayed by a day compared to the originally stated delivery date. This can be frustrating, especially if there were time-sensitive plans involving the crossbow.

Physical Damage to the Crossbow:

Picatinny rail damage: The Picatinny rail, an essential component for attaching accessories like scopes, had its bluing rubbed off and rounded on the end. This could affect the functionality of the rail and the attachment of accessories.

Inner box damage: The inner packaging designed to protect the crossbow during shipping was crushed. This could indicate rough handling during transit and potentially lead to damage to the crossbow itself.

Limb damage: The limbs of the crossbow appeared to have sustained damage along their edges. Limbs are crucial for the crossbow’s power and accuracy, and any damage can affect its performance.

Scope and Sighting Problems:

Scope damage: The scope box suffered damage, which could affect the quality and functionality of the scope. A damaged scope can make accurate shooting challenging.

Sighting issues: Sighting in the crossbow was described as a task, indicating difficulties in aligning the crossbow’s aim accurately. This can lead to inaccurate shots.

Bolts and Arrow Issues:

Bolts and bag damage: Bolts shot into a burlap target bag went right through it, requiring the bag to be cut to retrieve the bolts. Additionally, the fletchings (feathers) on the bolts were ripped off. This highlights concerns about the crossbow’s compatibility with certain targets and potential bolt damage.

Special arrows required: The crossbow’s unique design necessitates the use of special arrows, and third-party arrows or those designed for other bows are not compatible. This limitation can increase costs for users who need to purchase specialized arrows.

Crank Mechanism and Parts Failure:

Crank arm failure: The crank arm of the crossbow fell apart due to a defect in the head bolt. This critical failure affects the ease of cocking the crossbow, rendering it unusable until repaired.

Tip holder breakage: The tip holder, likely a component for holding arrow tips or broadheads, broke. This could result in issues with arrow attachment and stability.

String breakage: After just a few shots, the crossbow’s string broke. A broken string can be dangerous and renders the crossbow inoperable until repaired or replaced.

Heavy and Cumbersome:

The crossbow was described as heavy and difficult to handle. This can make it challenging for users to carry and maneuver the crossbow, especially during hunting or target shooting.

Proprietary Components:

The crossbow’s use of proprietary bolts and arrows, as well as the requirement for specialized tips, limits the options available to users and can increase the overall cost of ownership.

Service and Customer Support Issues:

Users reported difficulty reaching customer service for service requests, leading to frustration and delays in addressing issues with the crossbow.

Limb Splintering:

The limbs of the crossbow splintered after a relatively low number of shots. Limb damage can affect accuracy and safety, requiring replacements or repairs.

Rebate Processing Delays:

Delays in receiving the promised rebate for the purchase of the crossbow can be frustrating for customers who expected to benefit from the rebate offer.


Axe 405 crossbow problems collectively indicate various quality, durability, and performance issues associated with the Axe 405 crossbow, which potential buyers should consider before making a purchase decision.

Axe 405 Crossbow Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Axe 405 crossbow:

What is the draw weight of the Axe 405 crossbow?

The Axe 405 typically has a draw weight of around 210 pounds.

What is the maximum arrow speed of the Axe 405 crossbow?

This crossbow is known for its impressive arrow speed, which can reach up to 405 feet per second.

Does the Axe 405 come with a scope or optics for aiming?

Many models of the Axe 405 come equipped with quality optics, including a scope, to enhance accuracy.

Is the Axe 405 suitable for hunting different types of game?

Yes, the Axe 405 is versatile and can be used for hunting various game due to its speed and power. However, it’s essential to check local regulations and recommendations for specific game hunting.

What safety features does the Axe 405 crossbow have?

The Axe 405 typically includes safety features such as an anti-dry fire mechanism to prevent accidental firing.

Is the Axe 405 crossbow easy to maintain?

Crossbows, including the Axe 405, require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly. This includes checking strings and cables, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting arrows. Maintenance instructions are usually provided in the user manual.

Can I customize my Axe 405 crossbow with additional accessories?

Yes, you can often customize your crossbow with various accessories such as different arrowheads, quivers, and stabilizers to suit your preferences and needs.

How accurate is the Axe 405 crossbow at different distances?

The accuracy of the Axe 405 depends on factors like the shooter’s skill, the quality of optics, and the type of arrows used. With proper practice and setup, it can be accurate at various distances.

Is the Axe 405 crossbow suitable for beginners?

While the Axe 405 is a powerful and capable crossbow, it may not be the best choice for absolute beginners. Novice crossbow users should receive proper training and guidance before using such a high-powered weapon.